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Mono vs. Stereo

Mono vs. Stereo Mixing

What is Mono? The number of channels involved, whether it’s an input or output, is referred to as mono (AKA monaural or monophonic sound). The word “mono” signifies “one” or “single.” In order to record or mix in mono (more on that later), you must use just one channel or input at a time. When

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Comeback Kid by BABY Audio

I use delays everyday when I mix. I have a few go-to delays for a specific sound and color. They were cool until I discovered Comeback Kid. It just contains all the features that are so valuable to my work. Comeback Kid should be the benchmark of delay plugins if you are making one now. So,

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Mixing Tips You Should Know

Mixing Tips You Should Know

Mixing music takes both technical expertise and imagination in order to make a piece appealing to listeners. Mix engineers must first have a technical understanding of audio signal flow, DAW and/or console operation, and the use of signal processors, whether plugin or outboard. The instruments that will be employed when, where, and how will be

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Best Mixing Headphones

Best Mixing Headphones

A good set of studio headphones is perhaps the most used piece of equipment in a producer’s studio. They’re a must-have tool for evaluating a mix’s stereo picture, low-end, and fine detail. It’s just as vital to choose the appropriate set of studio headphones as it is to pick the ideal pair of studio monitors,

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