Mixing Engineer Matt Sim is In The Zone

Sennheiser PRO TALK | Germano Studios - The Hit Factory​

Sennheiser PRO TALK | Germano Studios - The Hit Factory

Matthew Sim is a mixer/producer, currently based in Germano Studios in New York City. Matthew shows immense versatility with regards to his work with different genres of music. He has helped shape the sound for chart-topping records across the globe, notably with artists from USA, China, Korea…

Recording engineer Jason Staniulis and mixing engineer Matthew Sim walk us through their approach to setting up a session at Germano Studios | The Hit Factory, a recording facility that hosts some of the world’s largest stars.

Tasked with using only Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, Jason and Matthew dive deep into their mic and outboard gear selection as they prepare for a recording session with multi-instrumentalist Dave Edwards and jazz guitarist BD Lenz.

Sennheiser PRO TALK | Germano Studios - The Hit Factory​

Matthew Sim is an international engineer, mixer and staff engineer at Germano Studios NYC. Paul J. Falcone  and Matt talk about how Matt got his start, the importance of education in music production and audio engineering and how Matt approaches sessions both working at home and remote and in a large format studio.