YUM Audio Spread Review By Matthew Sim

Yum Audio Spread is an extremely easy-to-use and effective plugin for engineers of all levels of experience. Right from the first look at the plugin, it is extremely easy to understand the UI and the working of this plugin. 

Essentially, Spread is a plugin that helps you manage the stereo spread within your audio with the help of four different adjustable frequency bands. The plugin lets you change the four available frequency bands to narrow down on the exact frequencies that need treatment, without affecting anything else. Due to this feature, this plugin can be used for a variety of instruments individually as well as on your master bus. This acts as the perfect stereo spread control tool in my tool kit. It helps me dial in something as subtle as just opening up some of the high-end air in my mix, to going extreme with some instruments to place them strategically in the stereo space for a particular effect.

Yum Audio Spread also helps you pan your frequency bands along with managing their stereo spread. This is especially useful when dealing with loops or stereo samples used in modern production techniques. With this tool, you now have the ability to concentrate on individually panning separate frequency bands which can be handy while dealing with such sources of audio. In addition to conventional panning, Yum Audio Spread has a Hass button for each band which kicks in the Hass effect while panning different frequency bands. This is an extremely thoughtful feature as it helps place audio in the stereo space in a more organic manner than how conventional panning might allow. 

I believe engineers will be able to find a good use for this plugin, be it for their master fader or individual instruments. From tightening your low end by bringing it to the center to spreading your mids and highs to create that sense of space while having the ability to pan them to your liking, this plugin can find its way into your mix in more ways than might meet the eye in the first look.