Comeback Kid by BABY Audio

I use delays everyday when I mix. I have a few go-to delays for a specific sound and color. They were cool until I discovered Comeback Kid. It just contains all the features that are so valuable to my work. Comeback Kid should be the benchmark of delay plugins if you are making one now. So, here’s my review of Comeback Kid by BABY Audio.

Here’s a few things that I really like: 

1: It has a really pleasing warm, analog sound that everyone loves. 

2: Finally a delay plugin with a functioning ducking function and it cleans things up really well!

3: Easy to switch between mono and stereo with the “Wider” knob.

4: Having the attack and release on the delays really makes life a lot easier to manipulate the delay tail. Exceptionally great to tailor made the perfect vocal delay throws. 

5: “Tape” adds that extra “Tel-Ray” flavor..

6: I don’t need to add another phaser/flanger plugin after Comeback kids with “Swirl” to get that dreamy delay. 

Here’s one thing that I think can be improved:

1: “Sauce” is a great idea for adding reverb to wash up the delay signals. However it’s pretty mono, if it can be stereo that would be amazing. I love that spring reverb sound!