D16 Repeater Review By Matthew Sim

D16 Repeater Review By Matthew Sim

Even though I have owned a ton of delay plugins myself, D16 Repeater still never ceases to amaze me with the beautifully sounding, vintage analog modeled delays.

The interface is gorgeous, it has the prophet synth buttons and knobs, I already feel like I am in for a treat. 

It has all the common features like synchronizing delay times to the tempo, feedback controls, HPF/LPF and mix knobs. But it has something unique to its own, like the feedback analog mode, 2 stage stereo spread & channel re-panning. Plus it has a few of my favorite analog delays like the Tel Ray, Cassette Tape Delay and Lexicon digital 42, it quickly became the go-to vintage delay plugins. My favorite part is the delay feedback of this unit, the repeat of the delays fade out very naturally and organic, nothing abrupt like some of competitors. It adds depth and a hint of vintage tonal color to my modern/in the box mixes.

The phase invert offers me extra wide delay spread yet still feels natural. The 2 stage stereo spread reminds me of some tasty vintage Juno synth’s chorus effect that’s added to your delays, making the delays ultra smooth and lush. The independent channel re-panning adds that extra flexibility, instead of using it as a mono or wide pan stereo delay, you can use it as a 2 separate delay that pan anywhere you want. 

I love all 23 delay models inside the Repeater, they are all very warm in their own way yet clean and smooth. That’s the highly sought after quality of all analog vintage delay units. All the models sound fire straight out of the box and barely have to adjust the filters to make it work in the mix.

I can’t think of any other delay plugins that I came across with a Lexicon digital 42 simulation, I absolutely love using one of those hardware back at the studio (if and when they work) and now I can use so many instances of it, and that’s a god gift! The 4 types of tape delays, Tel Ray and the Cassette Tape delays are also some of my favorites delay units to get that classic slap delay or spring delay sound that pays tribute to some of the old school classic records.

I hope you have as much fun as I did with D16 Repeater!