The ORB By AudioThing

“Genius” is what I would use to describe the creator behind this plugin. I haven’t come across an audio plugin like this. It functions as a Phaser, Talkbox, Step Sequencer, Filter and Vocal synth. Depending on how you use it, you can get surprising results.

t is designed to be a very creative tool and easy to use for users with no technical background. There is no frequency display on the top panel and it has a powerful LFO and vowels option. Just think of it as a synth. Play with it, tweak the knobs, pick a vowel, trust your ears and get the sound that you like. I particularly like the oscillator in the center with vowels. It makes me think out of the box and get out of my comfort zone. It stimulates creativity in the production process.

I can see myself using it a lot on the production end and occasionally on the mixing end.

On the mixing side, because I have less liberty to change the sound design, some subtle tonal changes like an oscillating filter and phaser on the audio tracks could create a different texture to the mix. It generates movement and sparks in a static mix while keeping the production intact.

However, on the production side, it is a great tool especially in sound design which morphs sounds to a huge extent. Let’s say I don’t have a talk box pedal laying around, but I can use this plugin on a lead guitar riff and create an “It’s my life” (Bon Jovi) type effect…